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Health Score and Spend

In the health care industry, every patient is assigned a health risk score. The higher the health score, the sicker and more expensive the patient. We think its time the consumer got engaged to know their score and how to improve their score.

See your score at a glance

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Health Score

Find out if your spend level is above or below expected

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Manage Medications and Diagnoses

Use your data to create a health history form that you can have with you on the go or print a PDF to share with family or providers

Diagnoses List
Medications List


24/7 Diagnosis & Medication List


Share with Family, Caretaker or a New Doctor

Identity Theft

Protect Yourself

Up-to-date Health Information

Avoid Medical Errors

Text Alerts

Stay on Top of Your health

My 75 year old mother came to visit me in California. During her visit we took her to the emergency department for chest pains. I shared her current medication and diagnosis list from my iPhone with the emergency team. I was asked lots of questions about how I got all her Medicare history on my iPhone. I said we went to this great presentation in Palm Desert and learned how to install and use the Get Your Health Record App.


Palm Desert, CA Resident