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Get Your Health Record is a Medicare approved solution for you to retrieve up to a 4-Year health history from Medicare.  There is no cost.

Your data will not be shared unless you share it with your doctor or family members. 

If you don't have Medicare, you can create a free account and create your health history or obtain a direct message address card to request your clinical records from your healthcare providers. 

Complete the interactive health history form so you always have your health history with you.

If you want to request your clinical record from your doctor, get a direct message address card to send/receive encrypted health information.

You will be prompted with a notifiation and online portal listing of screenings and wellness taks to discuss with your doctor.

Daily Journal
+ Digital Device Recordings

In partnership with Withings' weight scale and blood pressure monitor, you can track and share your progress with your doctor. 

Upload advance directives, will, trust, print medical records or other important documents.

Share your data with health care providers, ensuring that they have a 360° view of your medical history and remote patient monitoring readings. 

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My 75 year old mother came to visit me in California. During her visit we took her to the emergency department for chest pains. I shared her current medication and diagnosis list from my iPhone with the emergency team. I was asked lots of questions about how I got all her Medicare history on my iPhone. I said we went to this great presentation in Palm Desert and learned how to install and use the Get Your Health Record App.  

Daughter, Palm Desert, CA Resident

Emergency Room

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