Health History is empowering and encouraging the patient to provider connection. 

Join the 53 + eligible Medicare beneficiaries in managing health information with ease! 

Health History 


Assisting consumers in becoming more engaged in their healthcare and expanding the patient to provider connection. Consumers can interact with their health history form, track daily vitals and sync Medicare health history. Their data is shareable and can be sent to doctors, family members and caretakers. 

Additional features: 

  • Add delegates to help manage health information 

  • Upload important documents such as living will and medical power of attorney 

  • Sync with digital medical devices such as blood pressure cuff and weight scale 

  • Manage journals and health history forms for children

Enroll today to start taking control of your health information! 

Consumer Testimonials

Keep your important medical information with you whether at home relaxing or while traveling! 

Medicare Beneficiaries

Health History (formerly known as Get Your Health Record) is a Medicare approved solution for you to retrieve up to a 4-year health history from Medicare at no cost. Your data will not be shared unless you share it with your doctor or family members. 

Non-Medicare Consumers 

If you don't have Medicare, you can create a free account and activate your health history form to build your list of diagnoses and medications. You may obtain a direct messaging address to request your clinical records from your healthcare providers. 

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