My Journal and Device Recordings 

My Journal helps you track your progress towards your health goals. Sync medical devices to share your readings with your healthcare providers. You may also manually track children readings. 

Date and User


My Journal will default to the current date. To change the date, click on the calendar icon.


If you have added children to your account, click on the drop down menu to select the user you would like to manage. 

Note: Dates with be highlighted should you have data history for that specific date. 

Body Compositions

If you have synced a Body+ Weight Scale, your compositions will auto-populated in the fields. Synced data will also be shared with your healthcare provider if you have turned on data sharing.


Manually enter your height and weight. Your BMI will auto calculate based on your weight and height entries.


If you have synced a BPM Connect blood pressure cuff, your heart rate and blood pressure readings will auto-populate. Heart rate will auto-populate if synced with fit bit. Synced data will also be shared with your healthcare provider if you have turned on data sharing. 


Manually enter your heart rate and blood pressure

Blood Glucose


Manually enter your AMAfter Lunch and After Dinner blood glucose readings. 

Trending Graphs.jpg

Note: Trending charts will appear to the right of your results to capture progress through time. 

Daily Journal 


Enter daily notes in the note pad. It is suggested to notate symptoms, stressors, or items that may have affected your daily readings. 


If you would like to look search your journal for specifics, enter a key word in the search field, then click Search. Dates that match your criteria will generate in a pop up window for you to choose. Click Select to view the desired journal notes.


Remember to save any manually entered data.