Data Sharing 







Turn on data sharing to specific healthcare providers and/or for emergency and treatment purposes. Your data will allow your doctors and medical staff to view your medical information like lists of diagnoses, medications and digital device records. 


How to Share Your Data

Step 1. Click the My Account drop down menu and select Data Sharing 

Note: All sharing options are turned off 

Step 2. Click the Off button to turn On data sharing for a specific healthcare provider and/or emergency and treatment 

Connect Remote Patient Monitoring Devices to share your weight, blood pressure, etc. with your healthcare providers. 

How to connect Devices 

Step 1. Within the Data Sharing, click on the Devices tab.

Step 2. Click on the Connect button of the desired device account you would like to sync. 

Step 3. You will then be asked to login to your devices account.

Step 4. Your device account will then ask if you would like to allow Get Your Health Record to access your measurement data. Click Allow this Application 


Note: Once you have synced your device account to Get Your Health Record, your measurement readings will display in the My Journal 

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