Direct Messaging 

Obtaining a direct message address card allows you to request and send your clinical records from your doctors' office in a secure and encrypted manner.


A direct message is similar to an email address, however it is a secure and encrypted way to send and receive your health information. 

Direct Message.jpg

Activate a Direct Messaging Address 


Click on the Activate Direct Message button. 


You will be taken to the upgrade account process. Enter your first name, last name, date of birth and gender. Then, click Next


Enter your address, city, state and zip code. Then, click Next


Enter your primary insurance number, social security number, mobile phone and email. Click the checkbox to accept the terms of conditions. Then click Enroll


Choose a token package

Note: Your credit card it required to verify your identity and to purchase tokens. Get Your Health Record does not store your credit card information. 

Health Records 

Request and receive clinical records from your healthcare providers using your direct messaging address. 

Build your list of health care providers 

If you have synced your Medicare claims, a list of your recent providers will generate. You may also manually search and add healthcare providers. 


Click + Add Provider


Enter providers information, then click Search.


A list of providers will generate based on the information you entered. Once you have found your desired provider, click the Add button


If your provider works at multiple offices, the primary contact information may not match your desired facility. You may edit the contact details. Enter additional information as to who is the family member that is treated by this provider and keep track of the last and upcoming appointments. Click Save Provider

Requesting and viewing clinical records 

Healthcare providers who work with a certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) system have a direct messaging address. You may send a clinical record request that is secure and encrypted rather than making a trip to the clinical facility. 


Click on the "..." button next to the desired healthcare providers name. 


From the actions menu, click Request Clinical Records


Once your healthcare provider has sent your clinical record, click on the desired providers name from the provider list. 


From the actions menu click View


A pop-up window will display your clinical records.


You may check mark items that you wish to display from the table of contents menu. 


Click on the Collapse/Expand all button to view listed items or to view all. 

Additional items: you may have multiple clinical records for one provider. Additional clinical record actions include: 

- Edit (name of clinical record) 

- Send (share via direct messaging address) 

- Delete (delete a clinical record)