Highlighted Features 

When consumers ask, why Health History? 

The answer is simple: Easily store all of your health information in one secure location, without the hassle of paperwork. You can easily share your medical information with your doctors, caretakers, urgent cares and family. 

Highlighted features: 


Give your healthcare provider a 360° view of your health history by sharing your Medicare claims, remote device recordings and diagnosis and medication lists.  You may also share your data with caretakers and family members who might be assisting and helping keep track of your medical information. Health History lets you to have your medical history at the ready whether you are in the medical clinic, at home, or on the go! All without the hassle of paper copies. 


You will be prompted with a notification and online portal listing of screenings and wellness tasks to discuss with your healthcare provider. 

COVID-19 Health Screening 

Social Determinants of Health 


Upload advance directives, living will, trust, printed medical records and other important documents.