Claims History

Claims history will populate based on patients who have synced their Medicare claims data. 


Your Health Score 

Your Health Score is generated based on your diagnoses and demographic information.


Claims History Year-Spend

Consumers can monitor and prepare accordingly with their healthcare providers when they are reaching their max Part D medication spend (The Doughnut Whole).  Review a breakdown of dollar amounts spent for each claim type and the number of potentially costly events such as emergency room visits, MRI's, etc.

Claims Calendar View 

The calendar will highlight specific dates that have claims. Filled-n dates are for all service claims. Circled dates are Part D medication clams. 


Click on a highlighted date to review the claim details. 


Claim details include: 

  • ICD10 (diagnosis code) 

  • CPT (procedure code) 

  • Provider/facility details


Click the arrow next to the year to view previous years (if applicable) claims data. 


Below the Calendar view is an expandable/collapsible list based on type of claim


In the Filter by Provider text box, enter a providers name or NPI number to filter your calendar view.


Click Send Claims Data to send your information to doctors, caretakers or family members via direct messaging address.