Secure Documents 

Secure Documents allows you to store your important documents for easy retrieval when needed such as advanced directives, durable power of attorney, living will, trust, driver's license and passport.  

Add New Record 


Enter the name of your Record.


Enter a short Description of what is included in your record e.g., blood work results.


Click Choose File to upload a document from your files. A pop up window will display your file options, click the desired document then click Open.


Enter the name of your Document.


If you would like to add additional documents to the record file, click Add Another Document + (follow steps 3 and 4).


Click Save Record.

Note: You may choose up to 5 documents per record 

Managing Current Records

There is no max of how many records you may have in secure documents. Each record can contain up to 5 documents. 


Click Update Record to be taken to the edit page.


Within the edit page, you may:

  • Edit the record name, description and document names

  • Add a document 

  • Download a document 

  • Delete a document 


Once you have completed your edits, click Update All to save changes.


Click Delete Record if you wish to delete the entire record and documents within.

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