Things to Complete 

Things to Complete are health screenings that need to be completed. If you have items to complete, the number of items with display on the Things to Complete area within the navigation bar. 

​Your Health 

Screenings help your doctor and healthcare team in determining the best plan of action for your needs. You can also upload documents to these screenings for your healthcare team to review. 

  • COVID-19​

  • Social Determinants


Click Start on the screening you would like to complete.


Answer all of the questions provided.


If you would like to upload a document to your screening; click Choose Document.


 In your files, select the document you would like to upload.


Enter the Title of your uploaded document.


Click Upload.


Click Save to save your screening.

Healthy Activities

Also known as "Care Gaps" that need to be captured by your healthcare provider. These activities consist of  blood work, in-office questionnaires and preventive care appointments such as wellness exams, colonoscopy and mammogram. Based on your claims data, a list of items will display with a status of whether these activities are required or completed. It is recommended that you follow up with your healthcare provider to discuss and complete the actions required. 

Updating Healthy Activities

Actions required will update once a new claim has been provided, however,  you may manually update an activity. 


Click the checkbox of the action you wish to updated. You may multi select items or click the checkbox next to Update Selected Items to check all. 


Click the Action Required drop down menu.

Select Action Required or Complete.


Click Update Selected Items to submit your updates